Hunting Camps

Main Camp

Our log cabin camp is on a beautiful 110 mile long Lake. It consists of two hunter’s cabins, cook house, guides cabin and a shower house. We have foot trails behind camp, plus ATV trails that go further back to small lakes and reforested areas. Hunting is by walking, using boats and there are tree stands that are designed to accommodate bow hunters. We use ATV’s to get the game out.

Main Camp is a high success area for moose and black bear. There is also grouse hunting and some fishing opportunity for rainbow trout. Wolves are often seen here as well. Hunters of any age or physical condition would really enjoy this outstanding area.

Byman Camp

This area has three different log cabin camps on small lakes spread out in a natural undisturbed environment. There are hunting trails into small lakes and moose meadows between the different camps. We access this area with an ATV called an Argo, an eight wheel drive amphibious machine. Most of the hunting is on foot and there are tree stands scattered around in high movement areas.

This area is more primitive and most of the hunting is on foot. There is some boat hunting and a little fishing at the furthest camp site. A great area for moose, wolves, grouse and some black bears. A hunter in any physical condition would do just fine in this area.

Middle River Camp

Our largest camp and hunting location has the greatest variety of hunting. There are three separate sleeping cabins, guides cabin, dinning room – cooks cabin and a shower house. There is also two storage sheds, generator shed and a walk-in cooler for meat storage. We hunt this portion of our area by foot, boat, atv and 4×4 vehicles.

This area is great for hunting moose, mountain goats, black bear, wolves, grouse and grizzly bear in a countryside of rivers, lakes, mountains and reforested areas. There is also tremendous fishing opportunity for large lake trout and rainbow trout. A hunter of any physical condition could enjoy this large hunting concession.

Nez C amp

Three cabin camps located in different places in sub alpine moose meadow country. This portion of our area is a natural and undisturbed special management area. We access this area with 8 wheel drive argo’s on our hunting trails. It is a great place for moose, wolves, grouse and some black bears. A very scenic area surrounded by mountains. There is excellent fishing for small rainbow trout in surrounding small lakes. Hunters of all ages can enjoy this area although it is a little more physical demanding than the other camp areas.

Every Camp has access to a walk in cooler for meat storage. Taking care of the game meat, capes and trophies is our top priority.

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